Sławomir Kuszczak  artist painter

Yearning for freedom

In Sławomir Kuszczak's creation exist two distinctive worlds presented with the use of forms of expression contrasting with one another, worlds that tune us into extreme existential conditions. The creator, applying such device of artistic expression as a stroke, on one side shows the "rational world" which is symbolised by constructions with quasi-architectonical forms and opposite he presents human and animal figures. Beyond the "rational world" a stroke undergoes a strong variation and becomes a carrier of expression. It is exposed to deformation ensuing from the need to emphasise dynamic of movement and that causes disappearance of the individualising detail. Simultaneously it cumulates energy changing intensity of concentration creates lively, nervous forms full of interior vibrations. In final effect a line entangled in contrast of shade and light turns into extreme form – a blot. In Sławomir Kuszczak painting relations between warm and cold colours, gradation of colours and saturation of colour blots are essential.

Functions of "carriers" of emotions in his works are fulfilled by "figures" – both human and animal. Painted in slightly lyrical, expressive way, they are contrastive to the designed, reasonable world which cannot house them and to which they are not "adequate". And yet they constitute its complement. We can assume that duality of our world, according to Kuszczak, is represented on one hand by "natural" figures and on the other – by such symbols of civilisation as "block – sites", market – places – monstrous cities. The forms well known from nature – trees, birds, dogs, also people by Kuszczak cannot find their places in the world created by knowledge and technology. A man by Kuszczak is surrounded by synthetic and geometrical reality, developed on the basis of convergent linear perspective. However, the character – figure itself does not participate in this world of solids and calculations, remains beside it, does not coexist with it but is alienated, separate. We read those drawings and paintings as a protest against limitations brought into being by our environment where no space is left for our emotions and even for the yearning for freedom itself. The universalism of the artist's idea is revealed in common anonymity – people deprived of faces, dogs without breed – placed in reality consisting of solids, lines and angles on indefinable background. Everything takes place somewhere; it can be everywhere and nowhere. Kuszczak's creation treats about freedom and about slavery at the same time. About an individual not adapted to unified reality, about illusions we submit to looking at the world surrounding us. But also about the fact that we are important in these are us who create the world as it is.

-- Dorota Szukała & Katarzyna Kapłon
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